'Dear White People' Screening at Central Library

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By Atoosa Moinzadeh June 4, 2015

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For Today

'Dear White People' Screening at Central Library

For those of you who couldn't get into last year's SIFF screening, Justin Simien's clever, accessible satire, Dear White People, is screening at Central Library tonight. The film navigates the experiences of black students at the fictional white-dominated Winchester University (a pretty obvious stand-in for Harvard), and the offensive Halloween party that brings them together to challenge the status quo. 

Check out the trailer for this movie about "being a black face in a white place." And don't miss the screening—there will be a raffle for a chance to win a DVD copy of the film. 

'Dear White People' Screening at Central Library, Thu, June 4, 7pm, Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave, Free

For Friday

'June Against Doom' Community Picket Against Shell 

Stop Shell Seattle has a plan to form community picket lines this weekend at a to-be-determined location outside Terminal Five, kicking off a month-long protest campaign titled June Against Doom. Organizers hope to focus on how this movement for environmental justice is connected with efforts such as #BlackLivesMatter, migrant movements, prison abolition, and more. 

Bring your signs, friends, and some sustenance to ride out the weekend, and check back at Stop Shell's website for updates on a meeting place. 

'June Against Doom' Community Picket Against Shell, Fri, June 5, 5:30am, Location TBD, Free 

Advance Notice for June 11

The Hand Comic Release Party

Get your hands on the first comics zine anthology released by the Hand, a comics collective that's individually distinct: "We are POC, white, mixed, gay, disabled, jewish, genderqueer—we are dreamers, screamers, Pisces, teachers, thinkers, social butterflies, lone wolves." 

"We formed the collective because we wanted to get together and draw with others who did not feel represented well in the comics community," founding member and artist Andy Panda says. "We started by just having drawing nights together, but then we realized that we wanted to support each other in the promotion of our art. That included hosting events and putting out this first comic anthology."

Featuring efforts by social-justice-minded artists like Panda, ET RussianSarah Rosenblatt, and Robyn J, you won't want to miss this radical installment in small press publishing. 

"All of the comics in [the Hand] employ nonfiction, fiction, or personal stories to talk about social justice issues," says Panda. 

The Hand Comic Release Party, Thu, June 11, 6:30pm, The New Tomorrow, 10th Ave between Pike and Union Sts, Free 


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