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Weekend Kayaks and Endorsements

Caffeinated news featuring surprise endorsements and the Shell protest

By Josh Feit May 18, 2015

Caffeinated News


1. Three Democratic groups made city council endorsements this weekend: North Seattle's 46th Legislative District Democrats, the 32nd Legislative District in far North Seattle (and mostly the suburbs), and the King County Young Democrats. 

The 46th and the 32nd only endorsed council candidates whose city council districts overlap with their state legislative districts; for the 46th that includes (mostly) North Seattle's fifth city council district along with some of the fourth city council district (Wallingford northeast to Sand Point), the sixth council position (Green Lake northwest to northwest Seattle). All the action gave a couple candidates some needed boosts.

Fourth district city council candidate Michael Maddux, a Democratic Party activist who's been doing well at forums and interviews but is lagging far behind in fundraising, fared well, winning the 46th's endorsement in a dual nod with neighborhood activist Tony Provine. Incumbent Jean Godden didn't even make it out of the first round in the 46th.

It took three ballots for Maddux to score the dual endorsement. Transportation Choices Coalition director Rob Johnson, who's neck and neck with incumbent Godden in fundraising, was ahead of Maddux on the first ballot but fell behind Maddux and Provine on the second ballot, which led to the dual Maddux/Provine endorsement on the third ballot when neither was able to get to the 60 percent required for a sole endorsement.  

Maddux also picked up state representative Frank Chopp's (D-43, Wallingford) endorsement; Chopp, of course, whose Wallingford turf overlaps with Northeast Seattle's fourth district, is the powerful speaker of the state house. Maddux also netted the endorsement from the King County Young Democrats. (The 32nd didn't endorse in the fourth.)

Another city council hopeful, Jonathan Grant, the lefty tenants rights advocate (Grant is the head of the Tenants' Union) also had a good showing this weekend. Grant, facing off against well-funded council incumbent and president Tim Burgess along with well-funded indie rocker John Roderick for one of the two new at-large spots, won the 46th endorsement too. It only took Grant, who also scored an endorsement from North Seattle state representative Gerry Pollet (D-46, North Seattle), two rounds to hit the 60 percent threshold, beating Burgess 60 percent to 40 percent. The 46th went with neighborhood populist Bill Bradburd in the other at-large council spot.

The 46th's most important endorsement—its pick in the fifth city council spot, which falls largely within the 46th, went with Planned Parenthood staffer Halei Watkins and reverend Sandy Brown. (The 46th largely only includes some of the Godden's fourth and the sixth council seat.) In the sixth, they went with incumbent council lefty (and emerging anti-Shell poster child) Mike O'Brien.

The 32nd District Democrats in far North Seattle went with former King County Superior Court judge Debora Juarez in North Seattle's fifth district council race. And in the two at-large seats, they went with Grant and Roderick, giving a dual nod to neighborhood activist Bradburd and civil rights attorney Lorena González

As for the King County Young Democrats, they went with: Lisa Herbold and Brianna Thomas in West Seattle's first council position, incumbent Bruce Harrell in Southeast Seattle's second position, Urban League leader Pamela Banks and women's commission newcomer Morgan Beach in Capitol Hill's (and incumbent Socialist Kshama Sawant's) third position, Maddux and newcomer Abel Pacheco in the fourth position, O'Brien in the sixth position, incumbent Sally Bagshaw in downtown's seventh council spot, Grant and Roderick in at-large council position eight, and González in the ninth and second at-large spot.

2. As for the other weekend action:

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Check out PubliCola's Twitter feed for Josh Kelety's play-by-play on Saturday's (and this morning's) action. In addition to when he first came upon the polar bear, Kelety's most poetic tweet was the simple exclamation: "It's huge."

This morning, there's a protest street fair blocking the entrance to Terminal Five. Sawant is there as speakers focus on climate change's impact on people of color.


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