For Today

Conserving Ecosystems with De-Extinction

Talks on evolutionary biology have been a hot topic this month. And now this: How to Clone a Mammoth author Beth Shapiro brings the Burke's Lulu back into our consciousness. For real, Shapiro's book explores whether mammoths, passenger pigeons, and other creatures can be brought to life, and she'll be talking de-extinction Could a real-life Jurassic Park be in our midst? 

Conserving Ecosystems with De-Extinction, Tues, May 12, 6pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

For Wednesday

Seattle Community Police Commission Meeting

The CPC is having one of its weekly meetings, which offer community input on Seattle Police Department reforms. The PubliCal got the chance to speak to CPC executive director Fe Lopez, who told us some hot topics this week include findings from February's post-Ferguson #BlackLivesMatter protest community forum and potentially some May Day concerns that cropped up last week. 

"We want to identify whether some of the things that came out in the #BlackLivesMatter forum continue to be issues of community concern," Lopez said. 

While the agenda may not be available yet, you can bet that Wednesday morning's meeting will be a great primer on police accountability issues.

Seattle Community Police Commission Meeting, Wed, May 13, 9am, Seattle City Hall, 600 Fourth Ave, Free

Advance Notice for May 18

'Having It All' Premiere Documentary Screening
Seattle filmmaker Vlada Knowlton's latest documentary talks about the obstacles of parenthood. Having It All examines three women's lives as they struggle to balance  family, marriag, and careers. 

The premiere screening will be followed by a lecture titled Making Love Last and Marriage Work by Dr. John Gottman, who's been studying marriage, parenting, and human sexuality for over three decades. You'll have the choice to attend one or both segments when you purchase your ticket

"Having It All" Premiere Documentary Screening, Mon, May 18, 5:45pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, $15–$40


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