Afternoon Jolt

Gregoire Cannot Attend Tomorrow's Big Port Meeting

Port commissioner Courtney Gregoire, a potential antiShell vote, will not be at tomorrow's meeting.

By Josh Feit May 11, 2015

Afternoon Jolt

Port commissioner Courtney Gregoire, one of two (and maybe three) votes that could force the port to reevaluate its commitment to the Shell and Foss Maritime's oil rig lease, will not be able to attend tomorrow's planned vote on the issue.

Gregoire is in the last month of her pregnancy, and her doctors have said she needs bed rest. Gregoire has reportedly been shopping a motion to prevent Shell from docking at the port. Last week, mayor Ed Murray put the spotlight on the port when he said the current lease would not allow Shell to dock its oil rigs there.

Could Gregoire participate by phone? Port spokesman Peter McGraw tells me: "I’m not sure if she’s going to be calling in or not.  But it’s been done before."

Gregoire and commissioner Tom Albro have been skeptical of the deal. The other three commissioners, Bill Bryant, Stephanie Bowman, and John Creighton, have supported the Shell lease. Gregoire and Albro have reportedly been working for a third vote, perhaps Creighton.

Gregoire sent an email to her colleagues this morning, writing:

From: Gregoire, Courtney
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2015 11:09 AM
To: Bowman, Stephanie; Albro, Thomas; Creighton, John; Bryant, Bill
Subject: Doctor's Orders

Fellow Commissioners -
I'm on doctor's orders to remain on bedrest for the time being.   I wanted to let you know as soon as possible that this means I'm unlikely to be able to participate in tomorrow's Commission meeting.   I am checking back with the doctor this afternoon.
As you know, I was still working on a draft motion for the meeting.  I've asked Tom if he would carry this work forward at this time.
I'm very sorry about these circumstances as I very much want to participate in tomorrow's meeting.



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