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Caffeinated news featuring Friday's LIKES and DISLIKES

By Josh Feit May 22, 2015


Caffeinated News

1. I was wrong when I said consultant Christian Sinderman wasn't working for chamber-endorsed city council member Bruce Harrell; while Sinderman hasn't shown up on Harrell's expenditures yet this year (Harrell has been paying Cindi Laws, Blue Wave, and his niece Monisha Harrell at RuleSeven), Sinderman called yesterday to tell me he does LIKE Harrell—and Sinderman's consulting services for Harrell will be showing up on next month's campaign finance reports. "So, the conspiracy is complete," Sinderman tells me of the theory that his candidates overlap with the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce faves. (Well, no, not exactly. They've balked on Sinderman's candidate in the position five race so far, Sandy Brown.)

And, let me continue to ridicule the "establishment" conspiracy theory. For example, you know who else LIKES Harrell? Real Change executive director Tim Harris, $15 crusaders SEIU 775, the Cascade Bicylce Club, and city council member Mike O'Brien. And you know who else LIKES chamber-endorsed Lorena González in the position nine race? Left-wing state senator Pramila Jayapal (D-37, Southeast Seattle), Puget Sound Sage executive director Rebecca Saldaña, OneAmerica Votes, OneAmerica Votes executive director Rich Stolz, El Centro de la Raza director Estela Ortega, Community Police Commission executive director Fé Lopez, and lefty King County Council member Larry Gossett. But, gasp, she's been endorsed by mayor Ed Murray too. And isn't Mayor Murray supposed to be the linchpin of the chamber establishment? Murray's backing Jean Godden after all. But wait, the chamber didn't endorse Godden. It endorsed Rob Johnson, who's been endorsed (along with Mike O'Brien and Kshama Sawant) by the lefty Sierra Club; Johnson's also been endorsed by the progressive Cascade Bicycle Club.

Of course, I'm just cherry-picking. Certainly you can find establishment names on Harrell's, González's, and Johnson's endorsement (and contributor) lists too: Port commissioner Bill Bryant has endorsed Harrell. Former Greg Nickels deputy mayor, Tim Ceis, has donated to Johnson. And King County executive Dow Constantine along with speaker of the state house, representative Frank Chopp (D-43, Wallingford), have endorsed González. But the overlap—$15 crusaders SEIU 775 and the chamber both endorsed Tim Burgess, for example, and Chopp has endorsed outsider Michael Maddux in the fourth—is the point.

The notion that there's an "establishment" makes about as much sense as Sinderman's client list which—in addition to institutional figures such as Dow Constantine and city council president Tim Burgess—also includes anti–payday loans crusader and state senator Pramila Jayapal (D-37, Southeast Seattle) along with ultra liberal state representatives Jessyn Farrell, Joe Fitzgibbon, Hans Dunshee, Laurie Jinkins, and Brady Walkinshaw.

2. Jimmy McMillan, the famous "The Rent Is Too Damn High" candidate for governor of New York evidently LIKES antiestablishment city council candidate Jon Grant, the former Tenants' Union director who's running against Tim Burgess in position eight.

McMillan, who stole the show during New York's gubernatorial debates in 2010, is headlining Grant's campaign kickoff party at the Hub in Pioneer Square.

3. Mayor Ed Murray DISLIKES amendments to code that council member Mike O'Brien's land use committee is considering and that would stall density. Murray sent a letter to O'Brien this week objecting that the proposal "could run counter to some of the emerging recommendations [from Murray's housing task force] for ways to reduce the new cost of housing."

As The C Is for Crank reports, the proposal would count the area outside of units (hallway stairwells) in the floor-area ratio (FAR) equation that determines density bonuses, taking away from developers' ability to build more units. It would also increase the threshold for building more townhomes on a single lot.

4. In conclusion: Polling people for suggestions for this week's roundup, establishment consultant Sandeep Kaushik texted me this: 



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