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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Medical Marijuana

From medicinal to legal weed, pot talk has been circulating in Seattle for quite some time now. But have you ever asked yourself if medical marijuana is something you could benefit from? Thursday's panel has the answers. Learn how it helps cancer patients, folks with chronic pain, and a number of other illnesses.

Meredith Cooper of Seattle's Dockside Co-op will be present to answer any questions you have about the plethora of treatments currently available. 

Medical Marijuana: Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know, Thu, Mar 26, 6:45pm, Gilda Club Seattle, 1400 Broadway, Free

For Friday

Understanding North Korea’s Global Position

After The Interview questionably lampooned the North Korean government, you'd like to hear what an expert thinks, right? Seattle-based journalist Blaine Harden will be talking about his latest book, The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot, which is a continuation of his work in chronicling the self-styled Juche (or "self-reliant") Socialist state.

Harden hopes to touch on the forgotten details of the Korean War, its connection to modern-day conflict with the U.S., and what the early days of North Korea can teach us about its current power status. 

Understanding North Korea's Global Position, Fri, Mar 27, 7:30pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

Advance Notice for March 30

Parklet and Streatery Application Deadline

Live or own a business in a dense neighborhood? Looking to open up a little space? Try applying for a parklet or a streatery.

A parklet takes a few on-street parking spots and opens them to the public in potentially fun and functional ways. Think a few tables, a little greenery, a Ping-Pong table. Why not?
And the city's parklet program has been expanded to include street eateries, giving restaurants the opportunity  have outdoor table service in the place of parked cars. 

The deadline to fill out a parklet/streatery application has been extended to Monday, March 30.

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