Artist’s concept of City Hostel Seattle’s ­parklet in Belltown

For Monday 

Parklet and Streatery Application Deadline

Live or own a business in a dense neighborhood? Looking to open up a little space? Try applying for a parklet or a streatery.

A parklet takes a few on-street parking spots and opens them to the public in potentially fun and functional ways. Think a few tables, a little greenery, a Ping-Pong table. Why not?
And the city's parklet program has been expanded to include street eateries, giving restaurants the opportunity  have outdoor table service in the place of parked cars. 

The deadline to fill out a parklet/streatery application has been extended to Monday, March 30.
For Tuesday

Fixing the International Economy
Political economist Lawrence Brahm thinks the global economy needs mending. We think we already knew that, but Brahm presents ideas on how to address the issues in his latest work, Fusion Economics
"Brahm is one of those unsung heroes who was changing the world for the better, and influencing various governments in most positive ways, long before ecological economics and social enterprise became fashionable turns of phrase," reads one review, from Earth Intelligence Network CEO Robert David Steele. Expect Brahm to discuss lessons we can apply from regions like Vietnam and the Himalayas, insights on closing the international wealth gap, and where we might be headed on a macro scale. 
Fusion Economics, Fixing the International EconomyTue, Mar 31, 7:30pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

Advance Notice for April 15

John Surratt: the Lincoln Assassin Who Got Away
The Lincoln Assassination is one of those moments in American history that has been picked over by historians for decades. Join author Michael Schein on the 150th Anniversary of the murder, as he discusses another historical perspective centered around John Surratt–who fled justice as a suspected Lincoln plotter. He will explore Suratt's affiliations with the Confederate government, as well as his two-year-long run from the law, which spanned the entire globe. Schein's nuanced take on this prolific moment is one that history buffs won't want to pass up. 
Book reading: 'John Surratt: the Lincoln Assassin Who Got Away,' Wed, Apr 15, 7pm, Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave, Free
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