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Beyond Ebola Benefit Performance

The Ebola scare in the U.S. came and went in a matter of months—but for Guineans and others in West Africa, the outbreak continues to take its toll. The outbreak has resulted in profound financial stresses, including restrictions on travel, resource scarcity, and escalating prices on basic necessities in affected countries. Hosted by the Guinea Arts Cooperative, the Beyond Ebola benefit showcases an evening of Guinean music, dance, and storytelling by a number of talented performers and artists. 

Tickets are $20, which will buy a half sack of rice ($40 will buy a whole sack, and donations are encouraged). Funds will be used to meet the needs of artists' family members and extended networks in Guinea who are being impacted by the outbreak. Additionally, part of the funds will be earmarked to support the United Nations WFP

Beyond Ebola Benefit Performance, Fri, Mar 13, 7:30pm, Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center Theatre at University of Washington, 3931 Brooklyn Ave NE, $20


For Saturday
Black Seattle 2035: Visions for Our Future
Conversations on the future of the Central District have been gaining momentum, and Black Seattle 2035 will provide a platform for "collectively visioning, planning, and networking about the future of the Black/African diaspora community in Seattle’s Central District and beyond."
Hosted by the Department of Planning's Seattle 2035 project, the forum is part the city's hefty process of updating Seattle's Comprehensive Plan, the official city planning blueprint to guide development over the next 20 years. 

If you care about gentrification, community displacement, and the preservation of neighborhood history, this is going to be a crucial opportunity to get involved in the conversation. The night is also hosted and sponsored by the Africatown/Central District Preservation and Development Coalition. Stop by to catch a glimpse of what community builders are doing in the Central District. 

Black Seattle 2035: Visions for Our Future, Sat, Mar 14, 11am, Monica's Village Place, 140 23rd Ave S, Free

Advance Notice for March 23

Unpacking the Myths of Free Trade

Last January marked the 20th anniversary of NAFTA, which invites us to reflect on its effect on American manufacturing, the U.S. workforce, and agriculture. We do know the basics: It's increased trade with Canada and Mexico since 1993 three-and-a-half fold to $1.2 trillion.

But what does it mean? Former anti-NAFTA U.S. representative David Bonior from Michigan will be headlining the panel, and will tackle its nuanced impacts and how the monumental legislation has influenced Washington state's transpacific trade politics. 

The panel will be moderated by the Seattle Globalist’s Signe Predmore and will focus in on Washington’s current economy and trade politics, and the future of free trade. 

Unpacking the Myths of Free TradeMon, Mar 23, 7:30pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

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