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WTA Tourism Summit

This is not a local event, but it certainly concerns Seattleites. Like it or not, tourism dollars are important to the city, particularly with regard to growing Chinese tourism market (prompting Delta Airlines to open up nonstop service from Sea-Tac to Shanghai this past summer).

The fifth annual Washington Tourism Alliance Tourism Summit convenes in Olympia tomorrow to discuss how private sector can and should work together in absence of a state-wide tourism department (which closed in 2011). Specifically, what would a coordinated tourism marketing strategy look like?

Keynote speakers include Chris Thompson, President and CEO of Brand USA, and Todd Davidson, CEO of Travel Oregon. If they are going to invite Davidson, why not include Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein? Portlandia has got to be up there with the top contributors to Oregon tourism profits.

WTA Tourism Summit, Thu, Feb 12, 1:30pm, Washington Center for Performing Arts, Olympia, $

Advance Notice for Feb 16
Christian Appy's 'American Reckoning'

In his book American Reckoning, the most important domestic legacy from the Vietnam War (other than the hundreds of thousands of lives either lost or otherwise ruined) is how the war completely shook up our national identity. Turns out, America can lose. And lose ungracefully. 

Appy argues it was the hangover from this particular defeat that has profoundly influenced everything thereafter, from popular culture to current Middle East policy. His talk will break down these points, as well as offer advice on how to move forward.

Christian Appy's 'American Reckoning,' Mon, Feb 16, 7:30pm, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

Advance Notice for February 18

Two Former Representatives' Plan to Fix Congress

Tom Davis, former Republican congressman from Virginia, and Martin Frost, former Democratic congressman from Texas, have put together a plan to fix the perpetual partisan deadlock in Congress.

After their combined 40 years of experience in politics, the pair have come up with a rather obvious solution: the two sides of the aisle must learn to cooperate. Creating a bipartisan environment is certainly more complicated than it sounds, but Davis and Frost are here to explain how to achieve it.

Tom Davis and Martin Frost, Wed, Feb 18, 7:30pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

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