PubliCalendar: Is the U.S. Visa System Costing Seattle Money?

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By Darren Davis February 17, 2015

Photo: Daniel Schwen

For Tuesday

Increasing U.S. Access for International Tourists, Students and Workers

In what should be a real barn burner of a party, the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle and the Washington Council on International Trade for a panel discussion about international visas and how they affect Seattle in terms of dollars.

In short, as a hub for tech, education, and tourism, Seattle attracts a lot of internationals looking to work, learn, and take selfies in our city. But does the U.S. visa system help or impede these would-be Seattleites, and what effect does it have on our local economy.

Panelists include U.S. representative from Washington's First District Suzan DelBene, Stewart Verdery of the Monument Policy Group, and Visit Seattle's VP of communications David Blandford.

Increasing U.S. Access for International Tourists, Students and Workers, Tue, Feb 17, 3:30pm, Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce 1301 Fifth Ave, Ste 1500, $3

For Wednesday

Two Former Representatives' Plan to Fix Congress

Tom Davis, former Republican congressman from Virginia, and Martin Frost, former Democratic congressman from Texas, have put together a plan to fix the perpetual partisan deadlock in Congress.

After their combined 40 years of experience in politics, the pair have come up with a rather obvious solution: the two sides of the aisle must learn to cooperate. Creating a bipartisan environment is certainly more complicated than it sounds, but Davis and Frost are here to explain how to achieve it.

Tom Davis and Martin Frost, Wed, Feb 18, 7:30pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, $50

Advance Notice for March 3

Sawant's Town Hall Meeting: End Hate Crime Against LGBTQ People!

Council member Kshama Sawant wants to address the continuing pattern of hate crime committed against members of the LGBTQ community in Capitol Hill.  Hate crime have been on the rise—a concerning fact given Capitol Hill's status as a LGBTQ cultural hub in  the city.

The town hall discussion will include testimony from individuals directly effected by such instances, as well as public safety representatives, activists, and housing justice advocates.

End Hate Crime Against LGBTQ People! Tue, Mar 3, 7:00pm, All Pilgrims Christian Church 500 Broadway E, Free

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