For Tuesday

The Give Effect

When it comes to charitable donations of time and/or money, perhaps the desire is there but not the relevant knowledge. Who are the organizations that support the causes for which I care most? How do I know my money is being spent in a responsible and productive manner?

One possible solution is curation, says the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Through December 31, visitors of the BMGF Visitor Center are able to select through a curated list of organizations and "gifts" to get responsible and civic-minded citizens started down a road of giving back.

The Give Effect, Thru Dec 31, 10am, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center, 440 Fifth Ave N, Free

For Wednesday

One Big KISS for Seattle Children’s Radiothon

For its 14th year, KISS 106.1 turns your morning radio jam into an all-out donation blitz benefiting Seattle Children's, the resource center, advocate, and general goodwill ambassador for pediatric care.

Tune in as host Bender relays heartwarming stories and testimonies of Seattle Children's patients. If you happen to be commuting, be sure to drive safely as you cry alternating tears of joy and sadness. The pledge continues all day; donate online or by calling in.

One Big KISS for Seattle Children’s Radiothon, Wed, Dec 17, 7am, Broadcast from Seattle Children's, Free

Advance Notice for Jan 7

First Hill Public Realm Action Plan

Back in 1998, a land use plan was drafted to meet the residential and commercial needs of a growing First Hill neighborhood. Unfortunately land acquisition required to enact this decades-old plan did not go as intended. Now it is time to rethink strategies and find new ways to diversify First Hill.

This open house is designed to educate the public on new land use plans that largely throw away the idea of land acquisition and instead focus on upgrading existing space to meet new needs, including the integration of street space and private land into a more pedestrian friendly neighborhood.

First Hill Public Realm Action Plan, Wed, Jan 7, 5pm, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, Free

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