According to polling done for a Downtown Seattle Association breakfast meeting tomorrow by Gallatin Public Affairs, the Seattle business community still overwhelmingly supports the tunnel project.

Seattle business leaders support going ahead with the troubled tunnel project 78.3 to 20.3 percent. 

The polling was done before the most recent setback; on Sunday, it came to light in the Seattle Times that land is sinking in Pioneer Square around the tunnel project.

However, that was just the latest embarrassment (this project is starting to remind me of Michael Jackson's nose) in a long run of headlines about the broken boring machine which has caused more than a year in delays. The tunnel was supposed to open in late 2015, but after the project came to a halt last December, with a shaky promise of a March 2015 re-start, the project is currently in limbo. 

The city's Incident Command Team, an intra-agency group of directors from the Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle City Light, the Department of Planing and Development—all agencies that oversee infrastructure that's affected by tunnel construction—plus the mayor's office, decided this week to begin reviewing emergency plans for a viaduct closure in case the state decides to close the viaduct. The 2005 plan would divert traffic to downtown streets. 



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