Here's where you should be tonight: The Edgewater Hotel (411 Alaskan Way) for the I-594  election night party. It starts at 7. 

If, as polls predict, voters pass the universal background check measure, Washington state will have another historic law on the books. Washington state wouldn't be the first state to have universal background checks on gun sales (16 states plus D.C. have universal background checks) but, as with gay marriage, we'd be the first to mandate it by popular vote. Maryland was first with us on gay marriage, by the way.

Add gun control to gay marriage, marijuana legalization (another first with Colorado), and Seattle's $15 minimum wage law, and the stats on the back of the Washington state bubble gum card are starting to add up to an all-star ranking when it comes to cutting edge policy.

The stats on the back of the Washington state bubble gum card add up to an all-star ranking.

Another place to be tonight: State senate candidate Pramila Jayapal's election night party at the Royal Room (5000 Rainier Ave S.)

Progressive Jayapal—here's a feature story I wrote about her for the magazine—will fortunately and unfortunately likely be joining the minority Democrats in the state senate. 

The election eve parties for two (PubliCola-endorsed) local initiatives, Prop 1B and Prop 1, the preschool funding measure and the Metro bus funding measure respectively, are right across the street from each other on Capitol Hill. The Prop 1B party is at Sole Repair (1001 E Pike St.) And the Prop 1 party is at the Comet Tavern (922 E Pike St.)

If either one of these measure pass—our prediction is that the Metro funding one will—progressives will be able to shrug off, to some extent, the national and state Capitol mid-term beating (I'm not so sure about holding on to the 55-43 house you all) by noting that Seattle policy and state law are not slowing down for the Obama backlash.

Some other parties worth hitting: Socialist candidate Jess Spear will be at Harbor Pointe Coffee House (2818 E Madison St.) for a party her team is hyping as a celebration of the strongest challenge house speaker Rep. Frank Chopp (D-43, Wallingford) has ever faced. Spear will have to top socialist ally Kshama Sawant's 29.37 percent showing in her 2012 against Chopp to make good on that boast. 

North Seattle Democrats state Sen. David Frockt (D-46, N. Seattle) and Jessyn Farrell (D-46, N. Seattle) are holding a joint party at Liam's in University Village (2685 NE 46th St.)