1. In our coverage of Mayor Ed Murray's statements on Monday night after the St. Louis County grand jury decided not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown, we quoted Murray referring to "the murder of Mr. Brown."

Our quote from comments Murray made during his Q&A with reporters after his prepared remarks was accurate, but Murray's office sent us an email yesterday saying Murray misspoke:

"The Mayor misspoke when he characterized Michael Brown's death as murder. His message to Seattle residents after the grand jury decision in Ferguson is one of peace, compassion and reconciliation. Hopefully it's these shared values that resonate during this time of community dialogue rather than a mistake," Murray communications director Jeff Reading told us.  

2. Check out the photo essay of Monday night's protests we posted yesterday by Seattle Central Community College student and photo journalist Josh Kelety

Here are a couple more of his pictures. 

Protestors occupy intersection of Pike & 4th

Protesters on Capitol Hill

3.  Zipcar spokeswoman Lindsay Wester would not tell us whether Zipcar is planning to apply for the "free floating" parking spaces that the city is looking to add to the one-way trip car share market currently Car2go has all 500 permits, but new legislation pushed by Mayor Murray and City Council member Tom Rasmussen would expand the program.

But after explaining their fixed point-to-fixed point one-way model (no circling for open spots with the benefit of keeping added cars in specific neighborhoods) vs. Car2go's free floating one-way model, Wester told us: 

"We’re always looking for ways to increase the reach and convenience of our service. Survey results have proven time and again that Zipcar members reduce private vehicle ownership, driving and emissions while increasing their use of transit, biking and walking. These impacts, as well as our inclusive service area, are in line with the city’s goals and support an increase in the number of fixed/permanent car share parking spots alongside free floating permits. 

We hope the city will strengthen support for the on street parking and increase the number of permits allotted to operators whose car sharing model advances the city’s transportation goals of decreased personal car ownership, increased use of transit and affordable access to vehicles in a variety of Seattle’s neighborhoods."

We have a call out to another potential provider BMW's DriveNow car share business. 

4. More than 1,000 high school students walked out of Seattle schools yesterday to march in protest of the decision in Ferguson. 

Dear Seattle Public Schools families,

We want to acknowledge the participation of some of our students in peaceful protests today related to the decision by a grand jury not to indict a police officer in the shooting of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri. About 1,000 students walked out of Garfield High School, and about 300 students walked out of Roosevelt High school today to peacefully protest the decision. Seattle police were made aware of the walkouts and have accompanied the students.

We know that our students are personalizing this issue and experiencing a broad range of emotions, and we want to honor their voices. These walkouts, however, are not sanctioned by Seattle Public Schools, and safety is a concern. Students have the right to demonstrate peacefully but not to create a disturbance. School administrators may choose to issue unexcused absences if students do not provide parent or guardian permission.

In advance of the grand jury announcement Monday, Seattle Public Schools posted guidelines for teachers and administrators to help students navigate this emotional issue. Click HERE to read that message.

Please know that we continue to monitor this situation with our students.


Seattle Public Schools

A message to Roosevelt parents from Roosevelt parents was more explicit stating: "It was clearly communicated to all students prior to 10:15am, that this was not a school sponsored/endorsed event and that walking out would lead to them being marked absent from class."