1. Over at the Seattle Times, Jim Brunner has an excellent scoop: Through a public disclosure request, he got hold of a running email exchange between wealthy liberal donor (gun control)/ lefty advocate (minimum wage) class traitor Nick Hanauer and King County Executive Dow Constantine. 

The exchange begins on August 8, a day before Michael Brown was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri when Hanauer raised questions about a militarized SWAT response near his home in Shoreline. 

The exchange escalated as Police-on-Steroids policies came to national attention during the subsequent Ferguson protests. 

Times' scoop: So go to their site for the fascinating report on the texts between Hanauer and Constantine. 

2. Another cool story, this one courtesy of state Rep. Reuven Carlye (D-36, Queen Anne), who's high on an idea that one of constituents has brought to his attention.

"There, they were, huge, mildew and rust covered silos and the grain elevator.  The contrast was too stark not to think of something that could be beautiful." 

File this one under tactical urbanism: At a Magnolia candidate forum last Thursday a woman named Betty Winfield pitched Rep. Carlyle on the idea of painting the grain elevators at Terminal 86, north of Myrtle Edwards Park. Winfield represents an ad hoc group calling themselves Friends of Art on Pier 86 group that wants to refurbish the gateway to Seattle into a piece of art. 

"I looked at her, and I said, 'I'm all in,'" Carlyle says. Carlyle pledge to write to the Port of Seattle in support of the idea. 

Explaining how she came up the idea, Winfield, a retired professor, tells PubliCola: 

"One of those glorious Seattle summer days when the mountains were sparkling and the water glistening and I just walking along the waterfront from the SAM Sculpture Park, through Myrtle Edwards and then into Centennial Park.  There, they were, huge, mildew and rust covered silos and the grain elevator.  The contrast was too stark not to think of something that could be beautiful."

Carlyle beams about the project over on his blog

3.  Super late on this one, but it's still relevant (election is still a few weeks away) and still smart.

David Goldstein, now back at his original love HorsesAss, had one of the clearer endorsements this season, coming out for Prop. 1B over Prop. 1A, the competing preschool initiatives. 

Here's the cux of what he said: 

I’m not totally unsympathetic to the stated goals of the labor-backed Prop 1A, but to be clear, it does not implement preschool. It’s about raising the pay, training, and certification of childcare workers, and it sets a goal of reducing childcare costs to 10 percent of a family’s income. Which are good things. But it’s totally unfunded. And it does not create a single preschool classroom, let alone a high quality one.

Childcare and preschool are not the same thing.

It's  a bit of analysis that explains why the narrator in a recent Prop 1A ad has to go through a hoop to say the measure helps kids. 

"Only Prop. 1A ensures high-quality care for kids by improving wages and training for teachers," the narraror says.  Hmmm.