As if it wasn't already clear that former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg supported I-594, the universal background check measure on this November's ballot (his nonprofit group Everytown for Gun Safety has put $3.16 million into the cause), the latest campaign finance reports show that Bloomberg himself donated $285,000 to the measure. 


The pro-594 campaign has now raised $10.1 million. The competing I-591 campaign, which would prevent Washington gun laws from being stricter than federal rules (no universal background checks), has raised $1.2 million—mostly gun rights group such as the Bellevue-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  

Recent polling (from October 13) showed 594 with 60 percent support and 591 at 37 percent support

If both measures pass, the state legislature and the Washington State Supreme Court are responsible for sorting it out. 

A high school shooting in Marysville on Friday, in which three students, including the 14-year-old shooter, have now died, made national headlines last week.  

*UPDATE: Initially, I reported that Bloomberg's donation came after the deadline for large donations; PDC rules prohibit donations over $5,000 21 days prior to the elction (or donations that put a contributor over $500,000 in aggregate). However, a 2011 Ninth Circuit U.S. District Court of Appeals ruling exempted donations to ballot measure committees from the 21-day rule


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