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Seahawks Celebrity Fans

The Seahawks’ most famous fans share some of their favorite memories from last season.

September 1, 2014 Published in the September 2014 issue of Seattle Met


"When we won the Super Bowl, I finally realized how bad the Seahawks had been, because I saw people my age crying. When you cry like you had your first child or something, you know you’ve been suffering a long, long time.

I watched two games last year live—two games. I watched the Niners game in San Francisco, and I watched the Arizona game here. And we know what happened. [The Hawks lost both.] So I was convinced I was bad luck. On the day of the Super Bowl we went to Ivar’s, oddly enough, and there was a television somewhere in there, so I made sure I didn’t face that direction. I just listened to people holler. I took one for the team for that win. That was hard to deal with. I taped it, though." -Sir Mix-A-Lot

"To win the Super Bowl the way that they did, it was just such a massive ass kicking. Being from Seattle you get thick skin and you learn to endure, which I think might have something to do with the weather. 

It rains here, but no one complains about it. But then when the sun shines, there’s this universal happiness that shines from the sky down to the people. And it’s like that with the Seahawks. For years we’re fans and we go see them—from the Kingdome all the way into the new stadium—and we’d usually watch them lose. And then all of a sudden the clouds broke and the sun shined down that day of the Super Bowl. And it’s like, Goddammit, we earned this. Man, I was crying. It was a break in the clouds, and it felt so good." -Chris Pratt, star of Guardians of the Galaxy

"We were on our way back after being on tour in Australia, and Stone [Gossard] and I ended up watching the Super Bowl in the airport. We were about to not get to see it because our flight was on time. But then it was delayed three hours, so we got to watch the whole game in the airport lounge. Easily the first time ever I was happy about a flight not being on time. 

Anyway, the interesting thing was that people from Italy and Germany and Scotland and even Australia were all there rooting for the Seahawks. It wasn’t a raucous thing where we were jumping up and down in the airport. But it was a feeling of satisfaction and, Cool, we get to come home to this. We finally won something. As a city, we really needed something like that." -Mike McCready, Lead Guitarist for Pearl Jam


"My ex-girlfriend is a Denver Broncos fan, and at the beginning of last season she predicted a Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl. She said, “If it happens, you gotta take me.” And sure as shit, it happened. I got four tickets—Duff McKagan and a couple other friends went with me—and then I got her one ticket a couple rows behind us. Because either she was going to be unhappy or we were, and we didn’t want to sit together for that.

I felt bad for her. Duff and I flew to Detroit and saw the Seahawks lose last time. It’s heartbreaking when you make that trip and spend that kind of dough and have it melt down in front of you. But I’m proud of where I’m from, and the Seahawks are an extension of that. It’s nice to stand up with the big boys and put your ring in the air." -Jerry Cantrell, lead guitarist for Alice in Chains

This article appeared in the September 2014 issue of Seattle Met.

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