The September "Urban Upgrade" column for SeattleMet is online

Criticizing a recent Brookings report for missing a real indicator of urbanism, I nudge them to take a closer look at South Lake Union. 

Writing about the fact that some of the city's underground music action has moved off Capitol Hill to the outskirts of South Lake Union, I posit that urban planners should use time—AM to PM—as a metric for measuring a neighborhood's success.

From this month's column: 

But the fuddy-duddies at Brookings missed the innovation going on downstairs at Kremwerk. Because while SLU deserves the spotlight, it’s not just for the UW research facilities, Vulcan development, or tech employees who moved there. It’s for the way those changes have ushered in creative youth culture. You know your urban planning designs are succeeding when twenty-somethings are dancing nearby.

P.s. For more PubliCola-y entries in this month's mag—like our pop quiz for local politicos on all things Seahawks (Bruce Harrell killed it ... Ed Murray not so much),  you'll have to pick up a print copy. 


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