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Seahawks Superfan: Seahulk

By Matthew Halverson August 19, 2014 Published in the September 2014 issue of Seattle Met

The first thing Tim Froemke noticed when he showed up to compete at the NPC National Bodybuilding Championships in 2008 was the lack of cameras. And when he asked the other tanned, oiled, and ripped contestants why ESPN wasn’t there to cover it, they just laughed. He, on the other hand, was devastated. “To be a bodybuilder, you have to love the attention,” he says now. “Otherwise you wouldn’t be a bodybuilder.”

Froemke’s getting all the attention he can handle now. If you watched five minutes of any Seahawks home game last year—or picked up a paper, or read any sports blogs, or watched the local news—you probably saw him in the front row, bare chested, green, and glowering beneath a blue hard hat. He’s actually been hulking out for the Hawks since long before Mark Ruffalo got CGI’d for The Avengers, but it wasn’t until 2013 that he got serious about it. “Last year was the first time I paid for someone to paint me,” Froemke says. “I told everybody all year that it was our year.”

And if his commitment to the character is any indication, he really believed it. Sundays started at 2am, when he’d wake up and get ready for the four-and-a-half-hour drive from his home in Ritzville to Mount Vernon, where he forked over $250 for his waist-to-face paint job. Then it was on to CenturyLink, where he had front-row seats procured from a fellow superfan for about $1,000 a game. It was worth it, though: Not only did he get to see his prediction come true, but this fall you’ll see him in a Campbell’s Soup commercial with Richard Sherman—which will help him pay off last season’s bills. Paying for this year is another story: “My wife says I gotta do another commercial.” 

Below are behind-the-scenes images of his transformation.
All photos by Michael Clinard.


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