1. In response to his lefty city council colleague Kshama Sawant's robocall on behalf of state house challenger Jess Spear, Seattle City Council member Nick Licata has decided to do robocall of his own.

Fizz hears Licata is cueing up an ad in support of the incumbent, his liberal pal state Rep. Frank Chopp (D-43, Wallingford), the longtime speaker of the house.

Licata was best man at Chopp's wedding, and Chopp has also held fundraisers for Licata in past council election years. 

2. Speaking of socialist candidate Spear, file this under Fizz LIKES. We've written about the Blue/Green coalition before (the Democratic ad hoc state house alliance between labor Democrats and environmental Democrats.) Well, call this the Red/Green alliance. Spear, both a socialist and a climate scientist, has a series of campaign posters up around town. Most of them are colored red and feature economic justice slogans such as "Rent Control!" and "End Corporate Welfare!" 

But a green-colored—and themed—Spear poster is also up around town calling for a fossil-fuel-free Washington. 

 3. Speaking of the environment. Gov. Jay Inslee got some national attention from the New York Times today with an article about his ambitious agenda to tackle climate change—he released a sweeping proposal last April

Inslee's agenda has been thwarted by the Republican-controlled state senate and the NYT has the news that California billionaire Tom Steyer is going to spend millions of dollars to help the Democrats win back the senate. Steyer's group, NextGen, spent hundreds of thousands in Washington state's legislative races last year, but came up short when state Rep. Jan Angel (R-26, Port Orchard) survived the Steyer cash download and won her bid for the state senate. 

The NYT reports all that, but leaves out a footnote—Steyer's group's last-minute contributions raised questions at the Public Disclosure Commission

4. And speaking of New York  Times coverage: 

We have to admit—as obsessed fans of Seattle's Shabazz Palaces (see our song-by-song review of their 2011 masterpiece Black Up here), we were happy to see the NYT publish an article about Shabazz Palaces' new release in their Sunday edition.


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