1. On the story-sharing blog the Medium last week, Ricardo Guarnero, a former Preston Gates lawyer, former U.S. Attorney, and former White Center cafe owner (Cafe Rozela which famously helped transform the rough neighborhood), posted an essay criticizing the Seattle Police Department for its bullish, insensitive, and lacking responses in the neighborhood. 

In a comments thread on Facebook about the essay, a handful of readers who appear to be SPD officers unwittingly emphasize Guarnero's point with their hostile commentary. 

"The reality is that a culture of distrust and brutality had taken over the Seattle Police Department," Guarnero writes, before applauding the DOJ findings about unconstitutional use of force and the feds' ultimate consent decree.

In a comments thread on a Facebook post linking the essay, a handful of readers who appear to be SPD officers—West Seattle officer Nick Bauer, officer Michael Stanklewicz, and  the infamous John Marion who harassed Stranger news editor Dominic Holden—unwittingly emphasize Guarnero's point with their hostile commentary. 

"This guy is sad, pathetic, lost, and self righteous all at the same time," a John Marion says. 

"Asshat," a Michael Stankiewicz says. 

"Tard," a Nick Bauer says. 

We have a call in to the SPD.  

Officers are allowed to say whatever they want on Facebook in their free time. 

UPDATE: SPD spokesman Sean Whitcomb told us it was "likely" the comments were from SPD officers  and SPD Chief Kathleen O'Toole told us she was "disappointed" in the apparent comments. 

2.  Fizz has been skeptical of the state senate Democrats' chances to win any of the five races they're focusing on in November to win back the state senate. The Democratic candidates just didn't post impressive percentages in the August primary against the Republican targets. 

State Rep. Tami Green (D-28, Tacoma/Lakewood), for example, the highest profile Democrat running (she's taking on state Sen. Steve O'Ban, R-28, Tacoma/Lakewood), only got 43.77 percent.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for the Democrats. Given that three of the five districts in play lean Democratic and the low-turnout in the primary favored the GOP candidates, this bit of history may be instructive: 

In 2006, Spokane businessman Chris Marr limped through the primary with 43 percent of the vote. But he went on to win in November.

This was the Hail Mary a Democratic state legislator threw my way anyway.

Marr was thumped in 2010 by Micheal Baumgartner, the current Republican incumbent, who won this year's primary 57.23 to 42.77. 

3. File this one under PubliCalendar: You still have a few days to turn in your Park(ing) Day applications



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