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League of Women Voters Targeted (Literally) for Supporting I-594

Anonymous apparent gun supporter leaves a shot-up target outside the League of Women Voters' Capitol Hill office, after the group supports gun-control measure.

By Erica C. Barnett July 15, 2014

An anonymous individual (or individuals) left a target riddled with bullet holes on the doorstep of the Seattle-King County League of Women Voters' Capitol Hill office over the recent holiday weekend—a message, the LWV believes, about the state chapter's support for I-594, which would require background checks for gun sales online and at gun shows. A volunteer for the group found the target over the weekend. 

Image via LWVS-KC

Allison Feher, the group's administrative manager, says the target did not include a note or any indication of who left it.

However, she says it was clearly aimed at the League, given that the only other nonprofit tenants of the building—including the Deaf Blind Service Center, the Helen Keller Center, and Powerful Voices (a group that works to empower young women)—have taken any position on any gun-related issue. "It’s just pretty unlikely that it was aimed at the Deaf Blind Service Center," she says. 

"There's no other reason why somebody would have left it on the doorstep," Feher says. "We do have one of those 'Gun-Free Zone' stickers on our window, but you'd have to be right up in front of our door to see it." 

Image via LWVS-KC

In a statement, Seattle/King County LWV president Ellen Barton said, "This apparent attempt to intimidate us will not dissuade us from our work. The League of Women Voters will continue to be a forum for dialogue, research and education on gun laws and gun violence, and we look forward to reasonable, robust dialogue in the months ahead." 

Feher says the LWV has filed a police report (Incident #14-217775), and encourages anyone who knows anything about the incident to contact the LWV. We have a call out to SPD for the report.

As we reported earlier today, a new poll shows that 70 percent of state voters support I-594.

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