George Takei

The Star Trek vet better known now for his social media omnipresence is the grand marshal of this year’s Pride Parade. Maybe he’ll post something about it on Facebook? Nah… (Fourth Ave & Union St, June 29)


The ethereal woodland fairy who moonlights as a pop singer will be right at home in Marymoor Park for Redmond’s annual concert series. Bring glow sticks—and pixie dust! (Marymoor Park, June 26)

Kyle J. White

In May the Seattle native became the seventh living recipient of the Medal of Honor, for risking his life to save others during a 2007 ambush in Afghanistan. Sergeant White, we salute you.

Lily Tomlin

For two nights she’ll bring back to Seattle classic characters like Ernestine the snarky operator—who, let’s be honest, would totally eat Siri for lunch. (5th Avenue Theatre, June 6 & 7)

Bryn Lumsden

The bartender and former Fleet Fox got the name for his new Pioneer Square bar, Damn the Weather, from an old gin-and-juice cocktail. No, Snoop isn’t a silent partner.

Hollis Wong-Wear

After singing the hook on Macklemore’s “White Walls,” she’s poised to break out—like Mary Lambert before her—with the synthpop trio the Flavr Blue. Mack strikes again. (Fremont Fair, June 21)

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