Perfect Party

Perfect Party

Here’s who we’d invite if we could entertain this month’s most interesting visitors, locals, and newsmakers.

May 1, 2014 Published in the May 2014 issue of Seattle Met

Norm MacDonald

You know him as a goofball comic. But we’ll always love him for being the guy who got shunned by the sports world after hosting the 1998 ESPYs and roasting its biggest stars. (May 16 & 17, The Parlor)

Susan Desmond-Hellmann

The oncologist, drug developer, and new chief exec of the Gates Foundation was inducted into the Biotech Hall of Fame in 2007. Her plaque reads, “Kicking Cancer’s Ass for Years.”

Sean Green

The Spokane resident is the first Washingtonian to be issued a license for growing marijuana. And his
last name is Green. Because of course it is.


Even a puppeteer scandal wasn’t enough to sink the little red bundle of joy, who’s swinging through Everett with the Sesame Street Live: Make a Friend tour. Come on, you know you want to hug him.(May 2–4, Comcast Arena)

Sue Bird

She’s been a starter for the Storm through nearly all of the team’s history. And this summer, as they play their 15th season, she’ll try to lead them to a third world championship. That’s right, Hawks: You’re not the only champs in town.

Susan Grover and Richard Thurston

After nearly 25 years, the pair (once married, now divorced) will close their beloved Pioneer Square art gallery in May. But galleries don’t really close; they just become classics.

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