Last Friday's installment of Fizz "Likes" and "Dislikes" got a great discussion going—more than 100 comments; mostly because we were talking about the Mt. Baker upzone (!!). Nerds.  

Here's this week's wonky rundown.  

1. Fizz likes the Obama administration's strong stand to combat sexual assault on college campuses—it was hailed as historic at last night's NARAL Power of Choice awards party by keynote speaker and feminist all-star Dr. Caroline Heldman

But we don't like that WSU is one of 55 schools on Obama's list of campuses that are under federal investigation for mishandling sexual assault complaints under Title IX. (We do like that the students stood up, though, and challenged the school, forcing this important issue.)

2. Fizz doesn't like the response from Keep Seattle Moving (the group floating a Seattle-only bus measure) to Mayor Ed Murray's legit concern about pushing the legal limit on property taxes. 

The mayor has a valid point: Because of constitutional and statutory limits, tax revenue doesn't go up when property values do. The city is limited in what it can collect ($3.60 per $1000 of value, tops) and the total property tax levy can only increase 1 percent, year over year. The idea that the pie gets bigger as property values increase, as Keep Seattle Moving spokesman Ben Schiendelman implied, is false. And adding more demands on a limited resource could, as the Mayor suggests, pit one good thing against another. 

Speaking of Mayor Murray vs. Keep Seattle Moving ...

Thanks to Mayor Murray's churlish response (way to take the bait, Mr. Mayor), the important issue of Metro funding is devolving into a juvenile political squabble. 

3.  Fizz doesn't like that, largely thanks to Murray's churlish response (way to take the bait, Mr. Mayor), the important issue of Metro funding is devolving into a political squabble between the mayor and his former rival Mike McGinn rather than being an earnest discussion about bus funding. 

4. Fizz likes (and we're definitely running into the Facebook problem on this one, where we wish we could click 'Love' instead) that at Joan McBride's state rep campaign kickoff last night at the North Bellevue Community Center, state Sen. David Frockt (D-46, N. Seattle) gave McBride a trophy on behalf of the Senate Democrats proclaiming her "Joan 'the Giant Slayer' McBride," after saying she was the only one to take on Rodney Tom.

Back story: McBride was initially (and boldly) running against the Democrats' Public Enemy #1, state Sen. Rodney Tom, but was nudged out of the senate race after Tom withdrew and state Rep. Cyrus Habib (D-48, Bellevue) decided to pull rank and suddenly step into the race.

The packed room was loaded with Democratic legislators—Sen. Mark Mullet, House Speaker Rep. Frank Chopp, state Rep. Larry Springer, state Rep. Mary Helen Roberts, and state Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon. Habib was there too, though he showed up after Frockt's refined vote of confidence.

Speaking of what Democrats say...

5.  Fizz doesn't like that last Saturday at a Skagit County Democrats fundraiser, state Rep. Luis Moscoso (D-1, Bothell) told the crowd that the King County Democrats were as bad as the Tea Party, but on the left. 

6. Fizz doesn't know what to make of this, but we definitely don't like it: Former GOP State Attorney General Rob McKenna—and former GOP candidate for governor—spent most of the day yesterday at the annual Democratic AG Association convention in Seattle, hosted by current Washington State AG, Democrat Bob Ferguson and Oregon State AG Democrat Ellen Rosenblum. 

Was McKenna doing oppo on Ferguson in preparation for a hypothetical future governor's race? 


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