At a press availability that mostly focused on a proposal he plans to roll out (next Tuesday, PubliCola has heard) to preserve Metro service in Seattle, Mayor Ed Murray also briefly addressed his minimum-wage proposal, which he sent down to the city council at 2:30 this afternoon. 

Murray said he expects his proposal will have "at least five sponsors on the council," with only minor tweaks to the language his Income Inequality Advisory Committee approved last week. City council member Nick Licata stood beside Murray when he announced the proposal, and jokingly said the council might "tinker" with it just a bit.

"I believe they understand that we have a framework to work within and if we want to change things I think they know they have to go back to the stakeholders"—that is, labor and business—and seek their approval, a daunting task, Murray said.

We have calls out to several council members, including council president Tim Burgess, to ask what they think of Murray's proposal and who those five-plus co-sponsors might be. One who did respond, Sally Clark, says Murray "probably has at least five cosponsors. That doesn’t mean that the council won’t want to fully understand the proposal and possibly make amendments."

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