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1. Mayor Ed Murray will announce this morning that he's replacing the mayor's office press secretary Roz Brazel.

The early shakeup is hardly surprising: Murray's office has been embarrassed by a couple of media gaffes—incorrectly announcing the death of former Seattle neighborhoods director Jim Diers and inadvertently sending out two internal options for a press release (the even-keeled or snarky version) when the state GOP passed an immigrant rights bill.

UPDATE: Murray announced at 9:30 this morning that Megan Coppersmith, who previously did communications work for the city council and is currently a spokeswoman for the city's Department of Information Technology, will replace Brazel on an interim basis. Brazel, Murray's office said, is moving to the city's personnel department, "where she’ll be developing a strategy for regular communications with City employees on behalf of Personnel and the Mayor’s Office." 

2.A state of emergency has been declared after the devastating mud slide in Snohomish County Saturday; eight people are confirmed dead and more than a dozen are still missing in the disaster which destroyed 30 homes and buried a mile-long stretch of highway 530 between Oso and Darrington.

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 3. In addition to the batch of apodments you may see being developed around Capitol Hill, you may also see posters protesting them.

"We choose to live in micro housing because it's an affordable option in the skyrocketing market of Capitol Hill," the alarmed apodment dweller who sent in this picture over the weekend told Fizz. 

4. In other not surprising news: Learn to trust the Fizz. Erik Smith, the state government reporter for the conservative politics blog, the Washington State Wire, is joining the Seattle Times editorial board.


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