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Tuesday Jolt: Choice Tweets

The day's winners and losers.

By Afternoon Jolt February 4, 2014

State Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48, Medina) fired off his first tweet since late August yesterday.

Why the sudden urge to speak his mind?

During a pro-choice lobbying day organized by Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, activists from Planned Parenthood tweeted that Sen. Tom refused to meet with them.

Planned Parenthood spokesman Erik Houser says Tom had initially confirmed a meeting with the group, but cancelled last week.

Tom, a Democrat (and former Republican) who joined with the Republicans last year to give the GOP the numbers to take control of the senate, is the senate majority leader now and despite his pro-choice voting record in the past, has refused to bring the pro-choice Reproductive Parity Act to the floor for a vote.

With a handful of pro-choice Republicans such as Sen. Steve Litzow (R-41, Mercer Island) and Tom, there are enough votes, including the Democrats, to pass the bill, which mandates that any insurer that covers maternity care must also cover abortion.

Houser says: "Our activists from the 48th Legislative District were disappointed that they didn’t get a chance to tell him to bring the RPA to the floor. He says he supports the RPA, but won’t vote on it. That’s why their message was 'No Excuses.' What’s his excuse this time?"

Tom tweeted that he was too busy to meet with the group and had met with pro-choice activists already this session.


Tom met with a teen duo from his district earlier this session when they lobbied legislators as part of Planned Parenthood's student teen lobbying day. The students were underwhelmed with Tom's commitment to their cause.


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