Morning Fizz

1. In case you missed it, in an attempt to put a bow around 2013's parade of news, we published a 4,000-words-plus Year-End Jolt on Friday.

Find out how taxi cabs, pot smokers, regionalism, Big Coal, King County Metro, aPodments, state AG Bob Ferguson, the Seattle police union, the Democrats in Olympia, the Republicans in Olympia, outgoing Mayor Mike McGinn (he's on the list a lot), Ed Murray, and many others fared this year.

2.  Speaking of Ed Murray, we asked a batch of local know-it-alls—Seattle chamber leader Maud Daudon, King County Labor Council head Dave Freiboth, Real Change smarty Tim Harris, Seattle School Board member Sherry Carr, Minority Executive Directors Coalition Executive Director Dorry Elias-Garcia and several others—to write a memo in the magazine to the incoming mayor, telling him what to do.

And what the new mayor needs to do is lead Seattle in embracing that change, rather than fearing it.

The issue isn't online yet, but it's on the stands, and you can catch a sneak peek excerpt of one of our know-it-all's advice his blog CityTank. Urban designer and advocate for cities, Dan Bertolet starts out like this:

Seattle is on a roll. Great people want to be here. Great businesses want to be here. As human energy pours into Seattle, the one sure thing is change. And what the new mayor needs to do is lead Seattle in embracing that change, rather than fearing it.

3. Enviro lobbyist April Putney, who's been fighting to protect the Growth Management Act as Futurewise's longtime advocate in Olympia, will be heading up the campaign to fund King County Metro, something she and her green allies hit a wall on in Olympia.

The new plan, King County Executive Dow Constantine's "Plan B," would replace the motor-vehicle excise tax in a state proposal rejected by Republicans, with a flat fee on vehicle licenses and an increase in the sales tax in a local initiative.

Meanwhile, Futurewise picked up City of Seattle lobbyist Kelsey Beck to fill Putney's spot this session.


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