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Wednesday Jolt: Bow Down to Your New Socialist Overlords?

Socialist Kshama Sawamt now leads incumbent city council member Richard Conlin by more than 400 votes.

By Afternoon Jolt November 13, 2013

Image via Matt Fikse-Verkerk.

As of the latest daily vote count at King County Elections, socialist city council candidate Kshama Sawant was leading council incumbent Richard Conlin by 402 votes—a dramatic increase over last night's margin of 41, and Sawant's second day leading Conlin after an election-night showing of just 46 percent for Sawant to Conlin's 54 percent. 

That said, one cautionary note for Sawant supporters: She brought in just under 53 percent of this latest (6,327-vote) batch of ballots, compared to well over 57 percent yesterday, a reversal of the previous trend that had Sawant scoring increasingly large majorities in every batch. 

If two candidates are within 2,000 vote of one another (check) and within half a percentage point (check), that triggers an automatic machine recount; a difference of less than a quarter of a percentage point (check again) can also trigger a manual recount. 


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