Another major election (and one that surprised even veteran political observers) was Charter Amendment 19, which instituted districted city council elections in Seattle. Henceforth, instead of voting for nine council candidates, Seattle voters will choose one council member from the geographic district where they live, plus two council members elected citywide. 

The immediate consequence of the district election ballot measure is that every council member will have to run for reelection in 2015, and six of them could be running, respectively, in three two-way races against each other. Specifically: Sally Clark is in the same district as Bruce Harrell; Nick Licata is in the same district as Mike O'Brien; and Sally Bagshaw is in the same district as Tim Burgess. 

Additionally, Richard Conlin is in the same district as Kshama Sawant, the socialist who appears to have failed to oust the 16-year incumbent in this year's election. Sawant has declared her intention to run against Conlin in 2015, although Conlin tells Crosscut he doesn't plan to run again.

Burgess and Licata both say that if they run again in two years, they'll run for the citywide seats; Bagshaw and O'Brien, meanwhile, seem more likely to run within their districts (Fremont and downtown, respectively.) "I'd like to serve out the four years I was elected to," Licata jokes. 


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