1. Craig Sims (no relation to former King County executive Ron), the Chief of the Criminal Division for the Seattle City Attorney's Office, released this not-so-subtle YouTube video yesterday about his political intentions.

The current King County Prosecutor, Republican Dan Satterberg, appointed after the death of popular longtime KC Prosecutor Norm Maleng in late 2007, and elected in his own right (unopposed) in 2010, is up for reelection next year.

Satterberg held his reelection kickoff at the downtown Sheraton this morning, with, as the invite said, help from former King County Executive Ron Sims, King County Sheriff John Urquhart, and former Storm owner, judge, and gay rights activist and Seattle police oversight auditor Anne Levinson.

2. Following up on yesterday's impressive score for mayoral challenger Ed Murray (he picked up the formal endorsement of numerous members of the Seattle Nightlife and Music Association, a group that went all in for McGinn in 2009 and represents hip clubs like Neumos, dive bars like the Wild Rose, and Seattle staples like the Tractor Tavern, along with a touch of anti-establishment, youth cred that hurts incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn's narrative): There was one big name missing on the otherwise comprehensive list of night haunt owners—Linda Derschang.

Derschang, of course, owns Capitol Hill mecca Linda's along with Oddfellows, Smith, and Ballard's successful King's Hardware. Derschang, like some of the prominent names on Murray's list—Marcus Charles (the Crocodile), Mike Meckling (Neumos), and Dave Meinert (Lost Lake ... oh, and the Lumineers)—has contributed to McGinn in recent years. She hasn't this year, but nor has she shown up on Murray's contributor list like the others have.

Fizz asked Derschang for her take on the mayor's race, but we haven' heard back. (Molly Moon Neitzel, owner of Molly Moon's ice cream, whose latest shop will debut alongside Derschang's next project, Tallulah's restaurant, on 19th Ave. E. in the next few months, has endorsed Murray.) 

Derschang's most recent contributions: Council Members Tim Burgess, Sally Clark, and Jean Godden in 2011.

3.  In not-so-hot-so news for Murray, Michael King, the former head of the state senate Democrats' campaign operation, is being arraigned in King County court this morning on charges of embezzling as much as $300,000 from the Democrats, partially when Murray was a co-chair of the group.

The scandal has roiled Murray during the mayor's race.