For the Record: We're Not Pro McGinn. Or Murray.

Murray cites our anti-McGinn coverage, Times cites our anti-Murray coverage.

By Josh Feit September 5, 2013

At last night's mayoral debate, state Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Capitol Hill), trying to deflect incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn's crticism that Murray is getting money from the downtown establishment, cited PubliCola reporting that showed McGinn is also getting downtown money.

PubliCola, trashing all the candidates since 2009.

Fact checking Murray, the Seattle Times tried to track down our article, but, ha, could only come up with the recent anti-Murray post we did ("Vulcan, Hedreen Behind Big Donations to Ed Murray PAC") where we confirmed McGinn's take on things.

To dispel the impression that we're biased against Murray, (and to help the Times with its search), Murray was probably referring to the general takeaway from a number of posts we've done showing that both candidates are getting money from downtown in general, and also from specific downtown development interests such as Vulcan (and the Whole Foods attorneys)—for example: here, here, here, and here

We've also challenged McGinn's "establishment" trope.

PubliCola, trashing all the candidates since 2009.


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