1. Torn between suburban moderates or Tea Party-style hardliners, the Republicans can agree on one thing: they like media personalities.

Former KIRO TV anchor Susan Hutchison won her bid to become the new chair of the Washington State Republican Party at this weekend's GOP meeting in Spokane. She beat interim chair Luanne Van Werven, who took over when the former chair, ex-KVI talk radio jock Kirby Wilbur, left suddenly late last month for a non-profit job in D.C.

When Hutchison ran for King County Executive in 2009, she downplayed her Republican allegiance. (She lost to liberal Democrat Dow Constantine).

Executive Director of the Simonyi Fund, a Seattle-based foundation that gives to the opera, the Seattle Public Library, SAM, and the Seattle Symphony, Hutchison is more in sync with the Rob McKenna, Bellevue wing of the party than with the state Rep. Matt Shea (R-4, Spokane Valley) wing.   

2. On Friday, after Seattle Times editorial board writer Bruce Ramsey wrote that he "burst out laughing" about Pfc. Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning's decision to live as a woman, we asked state Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Capitol Hill), a leader in the local LGBTQ community—who's running for mayor and was endorsed by Ramsey's editorial board at the Times—for a comment.

Murray got back to us Friday night.  

While not minimizing the crimes involved and the conviction of Bradley Manning, the struggle and treatment in society of individuals dealing with gender identity (which statistically is predominately heterosexual men) is a serious issue that should be treated seriously. I am proud to have sponsored and passed civil rights legislation that included transgender individuals—legislation the Seattle Times supported. 

3. Speaking of the mayor's race, local political wonk Benjamin Anderstone crunched the primary election numbers and came up with this precinct breakdown.

We've asked Anderstone for a synopsis (what does it all mean?), and we'll publish that later today.

For now, here's the map itself—Murray's the pinks to dark reds, McGinn is the blues to dark greens (with darker being their strongest showing).

And here's Anderstone's quick assessment:

Here's the results for the 2013 Primary for Seattle mayor. Mike McGinn (green) performed well in young, highly urban areas. Bruce Harrell (yellow) did very strongly in ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Peter Steinbrueck (blue) won a few precincts, mostly ones with lots of long-time voters. Ed Murray (red) basically cleaned up the rest of the Democratic vote, doing especially well in wealthier zones.


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