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Morning Fizz: "My Inner Nate Silver"

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By Morning Fizz August 20, 2013

1. In a Facebook entreaty over the weekend, indebted former mayoral candidate Peter Steinbrueck put a call out to supporters asking them to help him retire his $5,000 campaign debt. 

Steinbrueck's post-election contributors have included city council members Sally Bagshaw and Jean Godden, North Seattle neighborhood activist David Miller, Fremont neighborhood activist Toby Thaler, and, notably (given Steinbrueck's vocal opposition to the proposed SoDo arena), maxed-out McGinn contributor Rollin Fatland, the PR guy for arena booster Chris Hansen. 

2. Thanks to a vainglorious appearance at a Pierce County GOP meeting over the weekend, the Seattle Times speculated yesterday that controversial state Sen. Pam Roach (R-31, Auburn) may join the field of hopefuls vying to be the new Washington State Republican Party Chair. (Former chair Kirby Wilbur resigned suddenly late last month to take a job in DC as executive director of the Young America's Foundation, a group that supports campus Republicans.)

A state GOP insider tells PubliCola: "If she does run, my inner-Nate Silver says she doesn’t get a single vote."

Roach wouldn't tell the Times if she was running for the spot or not, but said she would send out a "missive" this week outlining her critique of the party. (Roach has long been dismissive of "Bellevue Republicans" and considers herself more of a salt-of-the-earth conservative.)

Other candidates include: Former KIRO-TV anchor and failed '09 King County Executive candidate Susan Hutchison; current interim WSRP chair, Luanne Van Werven; and a Grays Harbor County GOP state committeeman, Jim Walsh.

A state GOP insider tells PubliCola: "If she does run, my inner Nate Silver says she doesn’t get a single vote," noting that Roach hasn't even bothered to contact the state committee members (the 117 folks who'll make the decision this Saturday in Spokane).

"Starting a campaign for chair when four other active candidates have been running for nearly three weeks is lunacy," the source told Fizz.

We have a call in to Sen. Roach.

3. Seattle City Council member Nick Licata may be staying out of the mayor's race in the general election (Licata endorsed his former colleague Peter Steinbrueck in the primary and told PubliCola he doesn't plan to endorse either Mayor Mike McGinn or his challenger, state Sen. Ed Murray, in the general). But a longtime legislative aide to the all-star liberal, Frank Video, has signed on to Team McGinn, giving the mayor $100 last week.

"Someone get the white guy a fork!"

Video gave $100 to Steinbrueck in June. (He's also given $150 to his own guy, Licata, and $20—two different contributions of $10—to liberal City Council member Mike O'Brien, who made a point of raising his first $1,000 by only accepting $10 contributions.)

Another recent McGinn contributor: Washington CeaseFire president Ralph Fascitelli, who, along with McGinn, launched a largely symbolic program yesterday that will provide "Gun-Free Zone" decals to businesses that want to indicate that guns aren't allowed on their property.

4. Not only was city council member Mike O'Brien the only local elected official to show up at last weekend's Celebrate Little Saigon event in the Chinatown International District—he was also the only elected (and the only Anglo) to participate in a pho-eating contest, quite an undertaking on a hot August afternoon.

According to an observer, O'Brien (whose two-handed chopstick style prompted one contestant to shout, "Someone get the white guy a fork!") shoveled "an endless stream of noodles into his mouth"—but was bested by a competitor who used his fingers to relay the noodles, giving him an edge. 

(McGinn, meanwhile, was a judge on a panel at the Adobo Fest on Beacon Hill, along with Geo of the Blue Scholars.) 


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