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By Morning Fizz July 29, 2013

1. Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and City Council member Tim Burgess hosted a fundraiser for mayoral candidate state Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Capitol Hill) yesterday at Holmes' Seward Park home.

About 60 people turned out for the backyard patio BBQ, including King County Sheriff John Urquhart.

Another big-league endorsement coming? Fizz has a call in to the Murray camp.

(Urquhart doesn't show up on Murray's campaign finance reports yet; the only candidate he's supported so far this year is City Council member Nick Licata, contributing $100 to his assured reelection.)

Both Holmes and Burgess spoke (Burgess did the money ask). And Murray, in his speech, pivoted off Holmes' and Burgess' presence, saying how "unlike the current mayor" he'd work with both men on police reform.

2. Speaking of the money ask: We're hearing Murray, who's been outraising his opponents by wide margins over the last several weeks, will report another big fundraising week today as we head into the final seven days of the campaign—around $35,000 (which would actually be a slight drop from his previous two impressive weeks.)

3. ADDED AT 10AM: City council member Richard Conlin was hit by a car yesterday while biking in Madrona; the driver apparently U-turned in to Conlin's path and crashed into him, breaking his shoulder blade. We have a call out to Conlin to find out more details, including whether the driver was cited and, of course, how he's doing. 

The council is set to vote this afternoon on a motion to hold legislation to expand the areas where homeless encampments like Nickelsville are allowed. Conlin is expected to be a member of a four- or five-vote bloc against allowing the encampments on non-city- or church-owned land (Jean Godden is the swing vote), so his absence today could turn any vote on either the legislation or holding the bill into a 4-4 stalemate (which is, by default, a "no" vote.)

3. The Puget Sound Business Journal crunched the numbers and reports on the state's largest employers—Boeing, the federal government—but grouses that wouldn't provide any statistics.

What's even more interesting about this list is who's not on it. Although the Puget Sound Business Journal has requested information many times, Inc. has not provided numbers on their employment in the state. The Seattle-based company's website does report it has 88,400 people employed around the world.

How many in Washington? It's obvious to anyone who walks around Seattle's South Lake Union area at lunchtime, when hungry Amazon staffers crowd the sidewalks looking for lunch, that the number is humongous.

If Amazon had provided information ... it certainly would have been listed among the top 10 employers in the state. We can only hope this company will someday change its famously secretive ways and start providing some numbers.


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