Today's Winner  is Peter Steinbrueck.

If the latest fundraising numbers are any indication, former City Council member Peter Steinbrueck has got some momentum in the mayor's race. 

The candidates have to file weekly contribution reports in the final weeks before the August primary, and Steinbrueck, who's casting himself as the neighborhood candidate, reports raising $11,105 this past week (plus another $2,341 raised the previous week that he didn't report by the Monday deadline, bringing his new-money total to $13,446).

For context: Mayor McGinn raised just $4,670 this week, which shows a steady pace (he raised $5,000 last week), but doesn't indicate any fundraising momentum. 

Steinbrueck, an architect who's appealing to voters who want to slow urban development, supposedly incongruously has lots of donations from architects on his list this week (NBBJ folks, for example).

But some noteworthy contributions include: one from a staffer for City Council member Nick Licata (who endorsed Steinbrueck); one from developer William Justen; one from Port Commissioner Tom Albro (Steinbrueck and Albro were co-conspirators against the stadium); and one from Central District neighborhood activist Bill Bradburd, bringing the aPodment antagonist's total to $300.

To be fair, City Council member Bruce Harrell raised more than Steinbrueck this week ($12,325), and has been leading the weekly numbers for  a couple of weeks now; he raised $11,000 last week.

But Steinbrueck is this week's most improved player. With a primary that could be dominated by older voters, Steinbrueck's iconic name and neighborhood rap are already formidable enough. His take this week is an extra Jolt.

Today's Loser is Ed Murray

State Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Capitol Hill), coming off a winning week of big-name endorsements (incumbent City Attorney Pete Holmes endorsed Murray, for one ... ) has only been free to raise money for 24 hours since business wrapped up in Olympia late Saturday. And the $1,000 he raised in one day isn't bad.

It's the tepid Murray independent expenditure that's bad news for him. An IE is an explicit show of support beyond the formal campaign (and doesn't have contribution limits). People for Ed Murray has been up and running for a month now, and after another meh week—they raised about $8,000—the grand total is $8,435.


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