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Looking for a PubliCola Intern

By Josh Feit and Erica C. Barnett January 3, 2013

With the GOP coup setting the stage in Olympia and the packed mayor's race already making headlines in Seattle, local politics are bound to be action-packed in 2013.

PubliCola is looking for a news intern who's hungry for a trial-by-fire education in on-the-ground political reporting.

Join our fast-paced newsroom for a crash course in daily reporting, local issues, and non-stop posting.

Successful candidates will be interested in: reading campaign finance reports, covering public hearings, doing phone interviews, and web research.

Opportunities include: helping write and report regular Cola columns including "Afternoon Jolt," "One Question," and "Isn't it Weird That"; interviewing local politicians at City Hall and in Olympia; and fixing our typos.  

Hours negotiable.

Not a prerequisite, but if you know what is happening in this picture that'd be a plus:






Please email [email protected]

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