1. The Seattle Times reports that a new lawsuit seeks to overturn the SoDo arena deal—arguing, in this case, that it violates Initiative 91, which says that the city has to make a profit on any investment in a sports facility like the arena.

The suit is the second so far against the arena; the first, filed by the longshore workers union, argues that the agreement between the city and hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen is illegal because it specifies a site—the land Hansen owns in SoDo—before the required environmental review is complete. 

2. State Sen. Pam Roach (R-31), who was expelled from the Republican caucus after repeated allegations that she mistreated staff and violated senate rules, has been invited back into the fold, the Olympian reports. That's because without Roach, the "Majority Coalition Caucus" of 23 Republicans and two Democrats would have just 22 Republicans, making the caucus a minority. Roach, the Olympian says, now has "the ultimate bully pulpit."

Image via WashingtonSRC on Flickr.

But her ascendency—she now chairs the senate's government relations committee—"demonstrates a disturbing and fundamental weakness in the new majority. Any member of the new majority coalition can be the swing vote, hold out until they get what they want, and leverage the shaky nature of the coalition Senate. 

"And any member of the new coalition can be boorish and mistreat people without fear of repercussion for the good of the majority coalition.

3. After the failure of a ballot measure that would have helped preserve transit service in Pierce County, the Pierce Transit board has adopted a plan to cut service by 34 percent, the News Tribune reports. Among other service cuts, the transit agency will no longer provide service on weekends and holidays, and will reduce service after 7 pm on weekdays. 

4. Just in time for the legislative session, the Columbian's Peter Callaghan has a helpful gude to "OlySpeak," including such terms as "Move the Needle," "Secret Sauce," and "Cradle to Career."

5. Meanwhile, in That Washington, Spokane US Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-5) has no plans to back down on the debt ceiling negotiations; she tells the Spokesman-Review that she'd rather break the ceiling and shut down the government than let President Obama get his way in the negotiations.

6. Al Jazeera has a short video feature on Seattle's biking culture, in a video piece that includes interviews in Fremont with Mayor Mike McGinn and city council member Mike O'Brien, who both bike to work, plus a bonus quote from H.G. Wells.

7. Frustrated by OneBusAway's sometimes spotty service, or Metro's app-less Trip Planner—or just tired of switching back and forth between Google maps and OBA? A new app, WhichBus, solves your first-world problem by combining real-time bus arrival information and trip planning in a single service. Geekwire reports that WhichBus is web only right now, but they're in line for approval from Apple's app store.