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Extra Fizz: Seattle Flag Flies in DC; Seattle Democrats Set to Punish "Faithless" Tom

More Caffeinated News: Censures and flags.

By Josh Feit January 10, 2013

Here are a couple of extra Fizz items:

1. Fizz had the news this morning that the 48th District Democrats (Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Clyde Hill, Medina)—dissident state senator Rodney Tom's (D-48, Bellevue) hometown crew—passed a resolution advising Tom to stick with the Democrats and resolving that they will not support or endorse him if he balks.

However, the 43rd District Democrats—Capitol Hill, the U. District, Wallingford, Downtown—are considering a much harsher resolution.

In addition to formally censuring Tom (which the 48th did not do) for his "perfidious" behavior (they score high on the SATs in the 43rd!), the resolution—which will be taken up at the district's January 15th meeting—also resolves to take away the "faithless" Tom's access to the party's very valuable voter database, resolves to do the same to any other 48th District candidates who support Tom, and "urges all its friends and associates to similarly withdraw their monetary and non-monetary support" from Tom.

Here's the language:

Now Therefore Be it Resolved, that the Democratic Party formally censures the State Senator from the 48th Legislative District for his perfidious behavior that has harmed every Democratic State Senator, denying leadership positions to some, denying the ability to pass progressive legislation to many Democratic State House members, and denying to the Governor and the voters of the State the ability to pass a budget that reflects Democratic values; and

Be it Further Resolved, that the 43rd District Democrats will no longer support any access to volunteers, and urge the State Democrats to deny the Senator Democratic electronic voter database in his next campaign, since the purpose of such Party support is to elect Democrats who will support the Democratic leadership in passing Democratic-sponsored legislation, and

 Be it Further Resolved, that the 43rd District Democrats will withdraw any support for any other Democratic candidates in the 48th Legislative District who offer or imply they will lend any material support to the Senator’s re-election campaign; and

Be it Finally Resolved, that the 43rd District Democrats urges all its friends and associates to similarly withdraw their monetary and non-monetary support from the faithless State Senator from the 48th District.

2. In other Seattle sports news: Sacramento sports fans may be smarting about Chris Hansen's pending deal to bring the NBA's Kings to Seattle, but Washington D.C. sports fans are also smarting over another recent bit of cheery Seattle sports news: The Seahawks' NFL playoff win over the Redskins.



These pictures just in from D.C.'s city hall, where, thanks to a bet between mayor Mike McGinn and D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray over the game, D.C. had to hoist a Seattle flag.




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