7am  I woke up in Las Vegas. I’m on the road about 110 days out of the year. 

9am I gave the keynote at an automotive conference about the future of SEO. One of the most searched-for products is the automobile—on average, before making an auto purchase, a person will have seven web searching sessions. Both dealerships and manufacturers are interested in controlling their search results. 

4pm  I landed in Seattle and got back to the office, where we reviewed a software feature with the product team. We launched maybe 10 new features to our SEOmoz Pro software last year; next year it’ll be upwards of 30 or 40. 

4:30pm  The goal is always to have meetings run under 30 minutes. Next we had a discussion about branding stuff we’re releasing in 2013. Our audience is basically anyone who’s gonna have web marketing, Internet marketing, or some social media marketing or blogging in their professional work.

6pm  We had a dinner with a couple guys from the company we’re looking to acquire. We went to Barrio, up on Capitol Hill, since it’s convenient. After dinner we went to my apartment and watched Monday Night Football with them; they’re good people with a good product. 

11pm  They left around 11, and then I went to work until about 2am. Got up a blog post titled “Understanding Stock Options at Startups (and at Moz).” We have two million people visiting our site every month, getting value from the content and education and training we provide for free.

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Published: January 2013

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