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Morning Fizz: After You Call the Governor-Elect's Office...

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring: election maps; political appointees; and holiday parties.

By Morning Fizz December 3, 2012


Caffeinated News & Gossip

1. The Seattle Times has crunched the numbers on some of last month's votes and—surprise—Seattle handed the election to Democrat Jay Inslee.  (Image on our homepage is from the Seattle Times.)

The Times Jim Brunner reports:

A Seattle Times analysis of precinct vote returns shows Inslee carried Seattle by 78.4 to 21.4 percent over McKenna ...

Inslee beat McKenna statewide 51.5 to 48.5 percent — a margin of about 95,000 votes. But inside Seattle, Inslee beat McKenna by close to 195,000 votes.

In other words, if Seattle didn’t exist, McKenna theoretically would have won the state by 100,000 votes. But Seattle does exist (much to the annoyance of Republicans) and remains the key to Democratic control of the state’s highest political offices.

After you call the governor-elect's office and tell them you're from Seattle and put in a request for some legislation—that more tax dollars be used for urban transit, for example—call the Seattle Times and ask for your share of the $75,500 they spent campaigning for Rob McKenna back.

Ryu is not a light rail fan—and King County Executive Dow Constantine is. 2. We'd like to amend some earlier Fizz intel. We'd predicted that Shoreline state Rep. Cindy Ryu was likely to get appointed to fill King County Council member Bob Ferguson's seat (Ferguson won the election last month for state attorney general.)

We're going to revise that and predict that Seattle attorney Rod Dembowski wins the appointment. Two reasons: 1) the council (which elects the appointee) owes Dembowski—he was on the redisrticting commission that gave them their seats; 2) Ryu is not a light rail fan—and King County Executive Dow Constantine, who submits his picks to the council, is.

3. We'd usually save this for the PubliCalendar (our daily picks for civic nerds), but Transportation Choices Coalition is PubliCola's favorite non-profit.

So, they earn a Fizz shout out: Tonight is TCC's annual holiday party. It goes from 5-7pm at FareStart, 700 Virginia St. See you there.

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