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1. "Come speak with Senator Tom and learn about his thoughts on the upcoming session."

Well, that would have been interesting. Last week, Seattle Chamber of Commerce members got an invite to the group's monthy policy panel discussion—scheduled for this morning—and the leader of the state senate coup, Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48, Bellevue), was one of the featured guests.

Alas, yesterday afternoon, chamber members got another email, this one announcing that Tom had canceled due to a scheduling conflict.

2. Did Seattle City Council member Bruce Harrell inadvertently announce that he's running for mayor during a City Council briefing last week?

Harrell joked: "I just asked myself that this morning."

After Dr. Kelvin Frank, the new Executive Director of the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation—who was briefing the City Council's Health and Human Services Committee on his work—told committee members that he "asked himself quite a number of times, 'what am I doing here, why am I here, why am I putting myself up to this, why am I putting my family up to this?'" Harrell joked: "I just asked myself that this morning." 

3. Speaking of the mayor's race: After Seattle City Council member Tim Burgess successfully added gun control legislation to the city's legislative agenda in Olympia yesterday, Harrell correctly pointed out that gun control legislation has failed in Olympia several years running even though it's been on the city's agenda.

Harrell suggested an end run around the state legislature, a statewide initiative that would allow cities to regulate guns. The Seattle Times has the story.

Burgess has already announced he's running for mayor. Harrell is expected to get in soon.

In case you missed it: LawNerd offered his thoughts on gun control yesterday.

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