1. State Sen. Ed Murray has responded more directly to our question in Fizz this morning about why he named arch-conservative Democratic state Sen. Tim Sheldon to be the Democrats' lead on the powerful rules committee. (Sheldon will be the vice chair; the Lieutenant Governor is always the chair.)

Our theory: Murray was trying to defuse any power play by Sheldon, enticing the dissident Democrat with a promotion and prestigious spot so he’d stick with the Democratic setup rather than forcing a Republican power-sharing plan.

Confirming our theory, Murray told us this morning:

"He requested it—not an unreasonable request. Our committee on committees tried to find a balance among various interest in the caucus hoping to unite us for purposes of organizing."

2. Missed Erica on KUOW today talking about the mayor's race? No problem: She'll be on KUOW's Weekday to recap all the week's news stories Friday at 10.

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3. Another interesting name on Burgess' supporters list: former Washington Bus leader Thomas Goldstein (we inadvertantly left Goldstein off the list in Fizz this morning.)

I don't want to make too big a deal out of Goldstein's nod (most of Seattle probaly doesn't know who Goldstein is), but as a diligent progressive who recently headed up the most influential youth-cenctric political operation in the city, Goldstein's quick nod for Burgess could be a canary in the coal mine for McGinn's dwindling chances.

McGinn famously relied on younger voters to power his '09 win.

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