1. According to the Bellevue Reporter, Bellevue City Council members are protesting what they call an "unwelcome surprise": The news that Sound Transit is considering a maintenance yard for light rail trains in the Bel-Red corridor.

While it could hardly have come as a surprise—Sound Transit made a "protective acquisition" of land in Bellevue for a potential maintenance base back in July—they have a point: the area, which is zoned for dense development, seems like a less than ideal spot for a storage yard for light-rail trains. 

2. Although some races (notably the governor's) are still officially undecided, here's one that definitely isn't: North Highline residents have clearly rejected Burien's attempt to annex the area, which occupies a swath of unincorporated King County between Seattle and Burien, the West Seattle Herald reports. For background on the annexation fight, check out Matt Halverson's coverage in Seattle Met's October issue. 

3. Initiative 1185, whose predecessor, I-1053, is currently under review by the state supreme court, would continue the budget-strangling two-thirds rule, which requires a two-thirds vote of the legislature to raise taxes. The Columbian says that's a good thing: "Judging by the inclination of many legislators to raise taxes in the worst of economic times, I-1185 is needed," their editorial board writes. "Much more powerful than its need is the resounding and repeated voice of the voters."

4. State Sen. Derek Kilmer (D-26) is heading to Congress, and more than a half-dozen Democrats, all men, are hoping to fill out the one year remaining in his term, the News Tribune reports. Among them: A retired airline pilot, a Port Orchard City Council member, and an emergency-room doctor. 

5. Stentorian-voiced Bryan Johnson, a fixture at news conferences and political events, is retiring from KOMO TV after more than 50 years at the station, and 58 years in the news business. KOMO has a video tribute to this "epic, irreplaceable" newsman. 

6. Finally, PerSquareMile.com explains how density predicted the popular vote for Romney vs. Obama. 

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