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On Other Blogs Today: Break-In at Democratic Party Headquarters

By Erica C. Barnett November 15, 2012

1. The AP reports that the Seattle Police Department now says an election-eve break-in at Seattle Democratic Party HQ looks "suspicious," noting that the burglar or burglars targeted the offices of the director, chief fundraiser, and media coordinator, skipping over computers and rifling through confidential files and taking the majority of items from top campaign staffers, including a laptop owned by Jay Inslee spokeswoman Jaime Smith.

Seattle Police Department now says an election-eve break-in at Seattle Democratic Party HQ looks "suspicious. 2. U.S. Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), who headed up the joint House-Senate "supercommittee" that failed to reach a deal to cut the national debt by $1.5 trillion, triggering the looming "fiscal cliff" when mandatory cuts will go into effect, will head up the senate budget committee, Talking Points Memo reports. 

3. Despite a projected $900 million budget hole over the next biennium (slightly better than previously projected), governor-elect Jay Inslee stuck by his vow to balance the budget without raising any taxes.

Democratic state Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48, Medina), who heads the house budget committee, was skeptical that Inslee's promise would be viable, telling the Spokesman Review (and referring to the state Supreme Court mandate that the legislature has to adequately fund K-12 education), "I think that's unlikely to be legally possible."

4. Former PubliCola kid Jonah Spangenthal-Lee has been getting quite a bit of national press for a post he wrote on SPD's Blotter blog about what to expect now that pot is legal. (Sample Q&A: Q: "SPD seized a bunch of my marijuana before I-502 passed. Can I have it back? A: No."

The latest publicitiy comes from the AP (via ABC News), Jim Romenesko, and the Washington Post.

5. Our budget coverage has focused mostly on the more contentious elements of Mayor Mike McGinn's budget proposal—the gunshot locator, a system to allow people to pay for parking remotely, by cell phone, funding to study a streetcar on Eastlake.

But the city council also added lots of new funding to the budget for human-services programs, including $230,000 for programs assisting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, $150,000 to buy bulk food for food banks, $150,000 for shelter services, including shelters serving women, and $1.6 million for the Nurse/Family Partnership, which aims to reduce crime and improve kids' readineness for school.

On his blog, council member Nick Licata has the full list of this year's human-service adds. 


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