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By Morning Fizz November 6, 2012


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Three Things We Want to See Happen:

1. Now that the election is over, the Democratic Party gag order is lifted and Democratic state house ways and means chair Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48, Medina) is allowed to publicly disagree with Democratic Governor-elect Jay Inslee.

2. After that awesome wedding, Julia and Sarah finally go to the King County Courthouse.

3. Losing with both a moderate candidate (Rob McKenna) and an extremist candidate (John Koster), Kirby Wilbur and the Washington State Republican Party are faced with some pretty basic existential questions. 

Three Things That Could Happen:

1. Obama wins thanks to his successful critique of Republican Mitt Romney's plan to lower taxes for the wealthy, while Inslee wins thanks to his successful critique of Republican Rob McKenna's plan to raise taxes on the wealthy. (Let Ross Hunter's critique begin.)

2. Labor gets its win for Noel Frame in Seattle's 36th Legislative District, but having spent $100,000 to elect one Democrat over another, the Democrats lose the senate.

Conservative Democratic Sens. Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon become the most powerful people in Olympia.

3. And even if the Democrats manage to hang on with a 26-23 or 25-24 advantage, conservative Democratic Sens. Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon become the most powerful people in Olympia. 

Three Things That Will Happen:

1.  I-502 (marijuana legalization) passes, but the feds kill it; I-1185 (Eyman's two-thirds rule) passes, but the state Supreme Court rules that it's unconstitutional; I-1240 (charter schools) passes, and public education isn't destroyed (nor does it get any better); and R-74 (gay marriage) passes, but Western civilization doesn't collapse.

2. Having spent more than $1 million on Tim Eyman's I-1185 to mandate that the legislature can't raise taxes without a two-thirds majority, the Beer Institute ($400,000), the Washington Restaurant Association ($50,000), BP and ConocoPhillips ($210,000), and the Association of Washington Business ($115,000) won't be able to get their products to market because the legislature can't muster a supermajority to pass a damn transportation tax package.

3. Despite losing the Mary Margaret Haugen race in the 10th Legislative District, Democrats hold on to their majority in the state senate because Maureen Judge pulls off the upset of the night and beats incumbent Republican Steve Litzow on the Eastside.  Added benefit for the Democrats: Pro-transit Sen. Tracy Eide (D-30, Federal Way) takes Haugen's place as transportation chair.

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