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On Other Blogs Today: Parks Crackdown, 1185 Reversal

By Erica C. Barnett October 4, 2012

1. Under heavy-handed new city rules, people who commit a nuisance crime like drinking or public urination in one park can be banned from all parks citywide, forever, KOMO
reports---but only if they don't stop the illegal activity.

2. In a reversal of its previous position, the Everett Herald editorial board comes out against
I-1185, Tim Eyman's initiative requiring a two-thirds majority of the legislature to raise taxes.

Opponents of red-light cameras, like Eyman, say they're more about increasing city revenues than improving safety. But, the Atlantic reports, the data disagree: A new study shows that almost immediately after red-light camera laws are repealed, the number of drivers who blow through red lights increases dramatically.

4. The state supreme court has ruled that the state's hazardous substances tax, which voters passed back in 1988, is constitutional, the AP
reports. The state uses the 0.7 percent tax on oil, pesticides, and toxic chemicals to pay for environmental cleanup projects.

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