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On Other Blogs Today: Koster Profiled, Kelley Challenged

By Erica C. Barnett October 2, 2012

1. The Seattle Times' Emily Heffter profiles 1st District Congressional candidate John Koster, a conservative Christian Republican running against Democrat Suzan DelBene for an open seat. Koster trivia: He married as a teenager, got into the dairy farming business as the result of a coin toss, and entered politics because he didn't want to build a lagoon to contain cow manure that was polluting the local water supply.

2. Also in the Times: The company that won a settlement from state auditor candidate Troy Kelley (the company accused Kelley of fraud, tax evasion, and destroying evidence, among other charges) now says it will disclose the terms of the settlement with Kelley if Kelley agrees---calling Kelley's bluff on claims that the lawsuit was merely a "nuisance suit."

3. The Seattle Police Department's Twitter crime reporting system, Tweets-by-Beat, gets top billing in the New York Timeswhich calls it "the most ambitious effort of its kind in the nation."

4. The West Seattle Herald reports that the first day of Metro's RapidRide service was "a little bumpy," due mainly to crowded buses, which we think is better than empty ones.

5. The Everett Herald takes a look at national Democrats' new ad attacking 1st District Congressional candidate John Koster, and a weird ad by Koster calling his Democratic opponent Suzan DelBene a "radical."
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