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On Other Blogs Today: "Increasingly Nasty"

By Erica C. Barnett October 30, 2012

1.  It was a small news item posted by the Seattle Times' Jim Brunner yesteday, but it may be the biggest deal of the election season. Brunner reports that King County is on track to top 2008 voter turnout—maybe hitting 87 percent.

This is good news for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inlsee (as well as the gay marriage initiative).

This is good news for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inlsee

2. What is it with Republicans and creepy websites disclosing personal information about their Democratic opponents? First, Republican state Rep. Matt Shea posed in his Democratic opponent's driveway and posted the photos on his website; then 1st Congressional District candidate John Koster, a Republican, posted photos of his Democratic opponent Suzan DelBene's house on his own campaign home page. 

Now, Republican Steve O'Ban, running for the 28th District state house seat, has posted the social security numbers of his Democratic opponent, Eric Choiniere, and his wife, Donelle, the News Tribune reports—part of an attack campaign against the couple, who twice filed for personal bankruptcy.

In a desperate attempt to be "objective," the TNT equates O'Ban's post about Choiniere—which refers to Choiniere as "Eric Choiniere Bankrupt Spendthrift"—with Choiniere's statements about O'Ban's views on education funding and abortion, portraying both sides as equally responsible for an "increasingly nasty" campaign. 

3. We've poked fun at Joel Connelly in the past for his apparent attempt to turn the PI.com into the Seattle Catholic Daily Gazette, but today's post on Maryland's gay marriage measure is just beyond. And we quote: "A Catholic pastor in Maryland dissents from archbishop on gay marriage."

Replace the word "Catholic" in any one of Connelly's many many posts about the internal politics of the Catholic Church with any other religion and imagine that story making it past copy as frequently as Connelly's dispatches from the diocese do. "A Jewish rabbi in Maryland dissents from Talmudic scholar on gay marriage"? "A Muslim scholar in Maryland dissents from imam on gay marriage"?

4. Today's storm (and election) related must-reads: The New York Times' editorial board on why "a big storm requires big government."

And Steve Almond on why Hurricane Sandy matters to a Presidential election in which one of the two candidates has said he would eliminate FEMA.

5. Northeastern University's new Seattle outpost, headed up by former Seattle Chamber of Commerce president Tayloe Washburn, gets a writeup in the New York Times, which also quotes current Chamber head Maud Daudon. 

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